.                     Welcome to the studio of a woodcarving artist and puppet-maker Lubica Charvatova.
   Keeping the tradition of Czechoslovak puppetry making, over the years she has been developing the characters of the fantasy world. She was originally inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s fairy-tales and created a number of the theatre sets for several of their stories. 
Nowadays, surrounded by the beauty of the trees and wilderness outside her home studio, Lubica has been intrigued by the mythology of the forest creatures - Fairies and Elves. Each of her puppets are unique, and characters are carved from lime wood, painted and dressed in fine fabrics or natural materials. Every single part is handmade and thoughtfully designed to give the puppet a maximum flexibility. 
The  marionettes are attached to the set of strings and can be operated with the wooden vertical control. It is designed in a way that it encourages the easy  manipulation of the puppet even for the unskilled hand.
Lubica creates mainly positive characters. In the fine details of her woodcarving skills she can achieve special features and finishes which are giving the puppets the subtle hints of mood and personality.
Please have a look through her portfolio. Thank you for your interest!

Wooden fairies
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